Gucci and have today announced a new collaboration that they have used to create a new fashion focused smart band.

The announcement was made at BaselWorld 2015, which is where a number of luxury brands are expected to unveil a number of new products, particularly smartwatches.

Much like the first wearable from the Gucci smart band is a stand alone device, which means it doesn’t need a smartphone connect in order to operate.

It can however still be used to make and receive calls, texts and emails and even store music, maps and calendars. Finally it can also be used to track the wearers fitness.

On top of all that, the Gucci smart band is also 3G enabled and can be controlled using your voice. It also features a front-facing camera for video calling and includes a heart rate sensor, temperature sensor and a GPS chip.

As of yet no battery life details have been announced, but the Puls battery is built into the strap, which means it can be changed on the go.

There’s also no news on a release date or price for the smart band yet.

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