Just before Diablo 3 was launched Blizzard hosted a weekend where gamers could play the beta for a weekend completely free in order to stress test their services and it seems ArenaNet will be doing the same with their new Guild Wars 2 title, during the second Beta Weekend Event ArenaNet is looking to find out how their servers will operate during a huge influx of people and is why they have scheduled a stress test for Wednesday June 27th, but unlike Diablo 3 this will only be available to those who have pre-purchased the game and will last 4 hours running from 10am till 2pm PDT, which is 5pm till 9pm here in the UK, the great thing is that characters won’t be wiped for the event meaning you can pick up where you left of from the last beta.

Theres still no mention of when Guild Wars 2 will actually be launched but as usual we will let you know.

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