A developer named Brian Kane revealed possibly the coolest hack ever, in which he hacked his wall-mounted Big Mouth Billy Bass to work as an Amazon Echo, with the Alexa voice assistant integrated so fluently that it’s quite scary.

He shows it off in a Facebook video that he released this week, showing the animatronic fish responding as Alexa, and even moving its mouth in sync with those responses, resulting in something that’s extremely cool yet also fittingly haunting.

In case you don’t know what a Big Mouth Billy Bass is actually supposed to do, it is actually a device that has been designed to sing the songs “Take Me To The River” or “Don’t Worry Be Happy” when it senses motion.

To get it to work with Alexa, Kane used a lot of technology that he attached to the fish, such as an external microphone, he also presumably used the Alexa API.

Check it out in the video above.

Source: Brian Kane (Facebook)

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