343 Industries has today revealed the launch of a new content browser for the Forge Editor.

This was launched as part of Halo 5’s Forge Editor and was unveiled during the Halo panel at the RTX gaming convention that took place over the last weekend.

343 shared a screenshot of the content browser on the official Halo Twitter account, along with the statement that it “takes finding and sharing incredible community creations to the next level.”

This new content browser will allow Forge creators on Windows 10 and Xbox One to share content like custom game modes and maps with other Halo 5 players.

There’s also plans to release a free version of the Halo 5 Forge editor for Windows 10 players, which will be available via the Windows Store.

This will allow PC players to join Halo 5 multiplayer games without matchmaking features.

The new content browser will be launched on Windows 10 in fall of this year, and then to the Xbox One at the same time.

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