As smartphones get slimmer so do the batteries, often forcing us to carry around a case that makes the smartphone much thicker or to carry around an external battery pack that adds weight and size to our backpack.

In both cases, it removes the point of having such a slim smartphone, but there is another option.

That other option is the Dubleup power bank, which is an external power bank that it around the same size as your average credit card, making it easy to carry around, but still get a good amount of juice back into your smartphone.

Dubleup doesn’t need a bag to carry it around with you and because it is so small, it can be popped into a purse or wallet and took anywhere with you, without any extra weight.

And when you are using the power bank, you can also show it off with gold, silver, and black colour options on offer, you can match it with the colour that you choose for the smartphone. The front of the Dubleup has a clean aluminum-like (we aren’t sure if it is or isn’t aluminium) finish that feels nice to the touch, with no more features than a simple logo.

On the back, you will find a plastic finish along with either a built-in Lightning connector or microUSB connection, depending on the device that you are using it with.

There’s also a button for checking the battery life of the bank and to kick off charging, as well as a set of four lights that will show that battery life and indicate charging.

Inside of the Dubleup, there is a sufficient battery of 1,280 mAh that the creators say will provide enough just to provide a dead or dying iPhone 7 with enough battery life to last the rest of the day.

We could definitely confirm that, in use, I found that it was definitely capable of getting my iPhone 6S back up to 90% or above, which should be a similar situation on the iPhone 7, however, as this is not a final product yet, I’m not going to go into extreme details for this as I feel as though this could change after a possibly successful funding on Kickstarter.

That said, I would definitely recommend that you consider the Dubleup when looking for a new power bank, if not as a daily driver, Dubleup is a great and tiny power bank that you can pop into your wallet and forget about until you need it.

You can find out more on Dubleup’s Kickstarter page today, where they are offering the first 6,000 backers with a pre-order for Dubleup for a pledge of $50 USD, which is around £39.94, after which it will be on offer for $59 USD, or around £47.13.

[Update: The creators of the project have relaunched their Kickstarter campaign with a new, lower goal, you can find that new project here.]

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