It’s likely that you have a contactless card in your wallet and you might have yet to realize the problems that might arise from this. That is that the RFID technology that these cards use is not completely secure.

Pretty much anyone walking on the street can scan your contactless card’s details and use those details to make fraudulent purchases.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, there are ways to protect yourself from this, not many of those are great ways but there is one that is an extremely interested way of protecting yourself from this, and that is the funded Kickstarter project named Vaultcard.

vault card hands-on 2

Vaultcard is an extremely simple method to blocking electromagnetic signals and protecting your cards from RFID theft, it is sized at around the same dimensions as a normal credit or debit card at only 1.1mm thin, and slips right into your wallet in the same way your existing cards do.

As soon as you slip it in your wallet you can leave it there and feel a little bit safer than you were feeling before.

Once it is in your wallet, Vaultcard will protect all RFID-enabled cards that are within 1.6 inches of the card from either side, allowing for a complete protection from within a wallet that is up to 8cm thick according to Vaultcard.

And Vaultcard will even protect you when your contactless card is out of your wallet, as long as it is held up to 8 inches away from the Vaultcard minimum.

vault card hands-on 3

Of course, something like this does require power, but the creators thought of that and designed the card in a way that it can harness the power it needs from RFID scanners, meaning that this card will literally last forever.

In use, the Vaultcard is capable of retransmitting 1,000 times more power than RFID payment card, allowing it to protect your RFID-enabled cards or passport from extremely powerful RFID scanning systems, and still without needing and kind of recharging or battery.

It’s an extremely interesting product, and since it is priced at just £25, it makes for a fantastic investment if you are looking for more security. We think this card looks fantastic and because it sits so cleanly in your wallet, without taking up much extra space, it’s something that you can just forget about, which is a great plus to have when you are thinking about getting a gadget.

However, as the Vaultcard has only just completed it’s funding on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, you can’t pick up one just yet, but you can pre-order one right now.

You can find out more and pre-order a Vaultcard on their website now.

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