Recently Western Digital provided us with the opportunity to check out the latest model in their Red line of hard drives, which features a massive total of 8TB of storage.

Yes, 8TB.

This drive has been designed to be used alongside a NAS system for huge storage to enable a ton of media storage on the go. To get to this kind of storage, WD is using their HelioSeal helium-technology to achieve higher capacity on the WD Red drive.


During my time testing this unit, I popped the 8TB WD Red into my home NAS server and boy did I notice a change in the greatness of my home system. And because this 8TB WD Red also uses NASware 3.0, it is capable of being loaded into 8-bay servers, allowing you to achieve a massive 64TB of storage and even a mean RAID setup for ultimate reliability.

The main reason that you want a WD Red over a normal desktop drive is because these drives are made to handle the pressure simply. WD Drives have been optimised for use with NAS for a more consistent and reliable performance, whilst using minimal energy and producing much less heat.

It also uses 3D Active Balance Plus technology to ensure your data is protected from excessive vibration in a NAS or RAID environment.

More interestingly, The WD Red 8TB comes with a massive 3-year warranty for the longest peace of mind available.

To give you some idea of why you would want a hard drive like this, I will explain how I used it.


Recently, I went on holiday, leaving all of my hard drives behind in the process. Normally this would mean that I would remain without any content to watch, or without access to some of my key documents.

But with a NAS, I am able to access all of this content from any device in the world via an internet connection. And of course, you want the largest capacity for this so that you can access the most content possible. The WD Red 8TB is a great way to achieve that.

You can find out more about the WD Red drives, especially the new 8TB version of it on Western Digital’s website.

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