In the 1980s Instant cameras were a huge hit, allowing users to simply snap a picture and have it printed in from of them right away, within this time Fujifilm were one of the leading manufactures of instant cameras, launching models like the F-10 and more recently their Instax series.

Fuji film POP Book 003This all changed once smartphones were introduced, we quickly switched from carrying around our digital cameras to carrying around a smartphone, because of this we have lost something big and that is  the ability to get a physical copy of our photos.

With the introduction of their new POP Book application, Fujifilm hopes to change this once again with an offering that allows users to upload their photos to Fujifilm and then order a physical copy of that set of photos, basically allowing the user to create a photo book from their digital photos.

There’s definitely something special in that, bringing the family together and making your moments more tactile once again.

Fuji film POP Book 004And thankfully to get all this you only have to complete a small set of processes that make this a much easier thing to do then most would expect, all you have to do is download the Fujifilm POP Book application for iOS, with an Android version coming soon according to Fujifilm.

Then you simply open the application, and then select photos from your phones’ storage, Facebook or Instagram. Once these photos are linked simply tap the photos you want in your book, of which you will need 21 in total to fill the book.

Once all these photos have been selected you can crop each of these photos, and select either a white or black border. You can then add filters and text to each photo if you so desire.

Fuji film POP Book 002

Once that’s done simply drop and drop your photos into the order you want them, select either the 10cm by 10cm or the 13cm by 13cm size in either matte or gloss and hit order to finish. Then you just sit back and wait for your photobook to arrive, which is said to take 5-7 days (ours took about 5 days to pop through the post box), all for just £4.99.

Fuji film POP Book 005Overall we were very impressed with the Fujifilm POP Book, it is a simple method to get a physical copy of your digital photos without any lengthy processes or tricky menus, but with a great number options that allow you to edit your images and even add filters and text to them.

Once we received our own POP book we where pleased with the quality of the print for both the matte and gloss version, and the two sizes, however we would say that the gloss version definitely adds that little extra to the images making them stand out more.

You can find out more about the POP Book at their website here, also make sure to hit up the app on the iTunes App Store to get your own POP Book ordered.

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