It’s been a whole 5 years since the iPhone was first introduced to the world in the form of the 1st Gen iPhone, which if you can remember was made from aluminum with a black plastic bottom piece, a year later Apple then upgraded that to the iPhone 3G which introduced 3G connectivity and a full plastic back to the iPhone, this was available in a 8GB black model or a 16GB model with the choice of black or white.

A year after that they then upgraded the 3G to the 3GS which a lot of people found themselves disappointed with as the only upgrade was a speeder processor and a camera that could record video.

After that however Apple did redeem themselves with the release of the iPhone 4 which came with a glass front and back with a stainless steel edge and is now available in both black and white.

Then finally the most recent phone in the iPhone lineup is of course the iPhone 4S which was designed more or less the same as the iPhone 4 but does include a few software and hardware upgrades, the biggest of which is of course Siri.

I have had an iPhone since it was first launched upgrading each year as a new one came out and I have to say it has most defiantly served me well, changing what I do daily completely, most defiantly for the better.

Happy Birthday iPhone.

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