Harman Kardon has today announced a new wireless speaker system that will allow users to stream music called the Omni, which allows users to upgrade their current home stereo system to work with wireless speakers, meaning they can incorporate their system to a house wide speaker setup and steam to it via a smartphone.

This all works over an existing home Wi-Fi network, and links with the Omni 10 and Omni 20 speakers, these can then work with high quality audio, allowing users to stream CD level 24-bit/ 96KHz studio quality sound.

This works by combining two speakers as a wireless system or up to five for multi-channel sound.

Once connected you can place a single Omni in every room, and play music throughout the house, and combine them in any way the user wants, and even combine current speakers into the network with the Harmon Kardon Adapt.

There’s also another feature called One Touch Follow Me which allows you to walk around the house and have the sound following you, or only in the room your in at the touch of a button.

The system will also work for streaming via Bluetooth, and Harman will be unveiling new applications soon via their developer community.

Each of the devices will be available from mid-October in the UK, when the Harman Kardon Adapt will be available for £100, the Omni 10 will be £160 and the Omni 20 will be £250.

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