Towards the end of 2016, Harmon Kardon teased a new project that they were working on, revealing that they were designing a speaker that uses Cortana in a teaser video that they released.

This original teaser video didn’t show much, aside from a screen on the top that lights up when Cortana is activated as well as a few other teases. Today we found out more about this Invoke speaker, which was leaked on Harman Kardon’s product page this week, showing some more information about the speaker ahead of its release.

Unfortunately, they did take this page down shortly after it was leaked but it was up for enough time for us to get some information from it.

The biggest thing that we saw on the page was the design of the speaker, which looks to be similar to the Amazon Echo in that it is cylindrical, however, it seems to have a more premium build than the Echo with an all-metal build.

The page also showed some of the features of the speaker, which includes integration with Cortana that allows you to “get things done” and presumably control your smart home devices as well as do pretty much everything else that you can with the Echo and Google Home, however, probably with Bing search.

It also showed the speaker with the ability to make and receive Skype calls, which may be a pretty interesting feature for anyone who is looking for a new smart home assistant, all of which is pumped through the built-in speakers, along with the integration with music services that we presume to be included.

We don’t know much about the pricing yet, however, that product page did reveal that the Invoke will be released in “Fall 2017”, so we expect to see an official reveal soon.

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