At Photokina this week, Hasselblad made an interesting announcement this week, revealing a new concept camera that aims to change how you use cameras.

Called the ViD, it is the world’s first medium-format mirrorless camera that is extremely customisable.

It features a sleek design that is very modular, allowing users to equip the top and back of the camera with a set of displays, viewfinders, and holders for other accessories. Alongside that, the sides can also be fitted with extra controls, grips, and more.


More interestingly, it has a 75-megaoixel sensor.

Sadly, Hasselblad hasn’t announced if they plan to launch the V1D concept to the public, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream.

Thankfully, they do have another option.


This new option follows on from their X1D and has been named the X1D 4116.

It is a special edition version of the X1D, which features a 50-megapixel medium-format sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, dual SD card slots, a USB 3.0 port, and 25,600 ISO low-light sensitivity.

This special edition will come in all black and it will include a leather hand-strap.

It will be priced at $13,000, and will come alongside a XCD 35mm lens, which is normally $2,300 by itself.

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