It was recently revealed that London’s mayor, Boris Johnson plans to build a new tech city in the place of Heathrow Airport.

This comes as part of a plan which will move one of the world’s busiest airports 40 miles east on a rural island in Thames Estuary, and in its place Boris plans to replace it with a new city that will house around 190,000 people.

This is a plan that will allow the UK to keep up with the demand that has been projected for Heathrow into 2050s, by which time, the demand is set to skyrocket from the 72.3 million travellers from and to the airport in 2013.

Despite waiting for approval from the UK national politicians, the London Mayor’s Office has gone ahead and commissioned a number of proposals from a number of architectural firms.

All of them lead to their own futuristic vision of Heathrow City, but the most interesting out of the lot is from the architectural firm Hawkins Brown, who plan to create a custom 3D printed landscape that will become a major hub for delivery drones.

Maccreanor Lavington, also proposes that some of the airport buildings should be repurposed and the contaminated grounds should be turned into biofuel.

And last on the list is by another firm named Rick-Mather also wants to create a city which has ten different districts that have been designed to specialise in a different industry, with a center hub that forms a meeting place.

Hawkins Brown images:

Hawkins Brown Fly-Over

Hawkins Brown Airship

Hawkins Brown Airship

Hawkins Brown Fly-Over

Hawkins Brown Fly-Over

Hawkins Brown 3D printed houses

Hawkins Brown 3D printed houses

Rick Mather’s images:

Rick Mather's Re-purposed Airport

Rick Mather’s Re-purposed Airport

Rick Mather's Central District

Rick Mather’s Central District

Rick Mather's Fly Over

Rick Mather’s Fly Over

Rick Mather's Overhead Diagram

Rick Mather’s Overhead Diagram

Maccreanor Lavington’s images:

Maccreanor Lavington's Restructuring Plan

Maccreanor Lavington’s Restructuring Plan

Maccreanor Lavington's Restructuring Plan Pt.2

Maccreanor Lavington’s Restructuring Plan Pt.2

Maccreanor Lavington's Heathrow Central

Maccreanor Lavington’s Heathrow Central

Maccreanor Lavington's Residental

Maccreanor Lavington’s Residental

It’s suggested that the new Thames Estuary airport will cost over $170 billion according to the Financial Times if completed.

You can find out more about all of the proposals at the links below.

Sources: Heathrow CityHawkins BrownRick MatherMaccreanor Lavington

Via: The Financial Times

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