[Update – December 15th, 2016] Heimplanet has successfully hit the funding required to get their new Motion backpacks into production, reaching a total funding amount of €105,406 from 766 backers.

That was also over their original goal, so they have unlocked 2 stretch goals, which now means that each backpack will come with HPT gear ties included, along with reflective prints on the bags to make them stand out further.

[Original Story] You may recognise the name Heimplanet because of the inflatable tent that they launched in 2011 (we featured it in our camping gift guide), well soon it might not just be the tent.

That’s because Heimplanet has this week launched a Kickstarter project to launch a series of backpacks called Motion.

These new backpacks have been designed for the adventurer, featuring a mobile and versatile build, they come in two sizes, the 20L ARC and the 25L ELLIPSE.

Both of these back feature a water resistant main compartment, a removable hip belt, a sleeve to place your laptop in, and an expandable area for everything else. There’s also a waterproof exterior pocket for the important items that you want to grab easily.

Heimplanet believes that they have created these backpacks to be as durable as possible by covering all stress points with laser cut Hypalon, which is a rubberized woven fabric, while the rest of the back has been designed with a mix of spandex and other materials.

You can take a look at both backpacks at the source link below, where you can also make a pledge to pre-order a backpack for yourself.

Source: Kickstarter

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