This year Google released the developer edition of Android N, ahead of Google I/O 2016, we found out many features about the new operating system, however, we didn’t know them all, specifically its name.

However, Google doesn’t even know the name yet, offering users to enter their name for the operating system on their website.

Android N also comes with the graphics API that Google calls Vulcan, which provides users and developers with more performance capabilities that will provide them with better and more responsive graphics according to Google.

Android Runtime has also be improved, with Google claiming that it can provide up to 60% faster than the previous OS, and up to 75% faster app installation, alongside a 50% reduction in compiled code size.

In terms of security, Android N will come with file-based encryption, hardening of the media framework to protect more areas of the operating system, seamless updates to automatically update the Android N operating system, allowing you to automatically update your phone, without having to do it manually.

Multitasking has also been changed a lot, with Android N, apps that haven’t been used in some time will automatically be removed and there is now a new clear all button at the top of the list.

There’s also a new Picture-in-Picture mode for Android on TV, with a quick switch mode that allows you to quickly switch from application to application.

Notifications also have a new “quick reply” feature, with the ability of long tapping notifications to edit its settings. And there’s even new Unicode-9 emojis, which allows you to use multiple emojis from a number of devices, and select variations of them.

And that’s not all, Google says there is a total of 250 new features in Android N.

Google expects to launch Android N later this Summer, however, they are releasing their first beta release today for use with a number of Nexus devices ahead of time.


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