Crackdown 3 has been unveiled at Gamescom 2015, showing off the games new setting of a modern city available for the player to explore as they wish in a fully open world format.

“Crackdown 3 is bringing you a 4-person co-operative campaign enhanced with a new dynamic story, cutting-edge weapons and vehicles, enemies you’ll love to hate — and of course, tons of orbs to collect!” Microsoft writes. “Crackdown 3 will also deliver a groundbreaking competitive multiplayer mode, where everything is physical thanks to the Microsoft Cloud. Harness 20 times the power of your Xbox One to unleash 100 percent destructible environments for the first time ever in gaming and create your own explosive stories in the process.”

There will also be a multiplayer mode in Crackdown 3, with fully destructible environments and plenty of players to shoot.

Crackdown 3 will be released in 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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