After revealing what you will be doing in Destiny’s April update last week, Bungie today revealed what you will be earning in it.

As we already know, Destiny’s light level cap will be the biggest change in gear with this update, bringing the light level cap up from 320 to 335. To get to this level you will be able to play a number of activities to earn up to 330, and then a few end game activities to grab the last 5 light points.

Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Prison of Elders: Challenge of the Elders and a few strikes will drop 335 gear, and you will have the chance of decrypting 335 exotics from engrams after the update.

On top of that, Court of Oryx will be capable of dropping 335 artifacts.

As for King’s Fall, you will be able to grab 320 gear from normal mode, and 330 from hard mode at the launch of the update, and shortly after Bungie will push a hotfix to change hard mode drops to 335.

But that is not all, Bungie is also changing infusion to help you gain levels faster, adding a one-for-one light-value exchange for infusion that will match the light level of the gear you are infusing with to the gear you are infusing to.

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Possibly the most interesting new gear will be earned from a new loot pack called sterling treasures.

From a sterling treasure, you can get a number of rewards, but you are always guaranteed one new armor piece that will always drop at light level 3, but can be infused to the max level.

These armor pieces have a number of possibilities, including the Taken-themed Desolute armor set, or the chroma Spektar set, which is exclusive to these treasures.

Alongside the armor, you may also receive additional rewards, which can include different, colored Chroma, sparrows, ships and class items.


Alongside Sterling Tressures, the three factions will get a set of their own new armor.

All of this armor has also received a new add-on called Chroma, which is basically a way to light up your gear with either a red, white, yellow or blue shade, these can be applied to any piece of gear that has a Chroma slot.

However, gear will have a node that will apply to a particular color of the Chroma, so you will need to reroll in order to apply the color of your choosing.


Destiny will also be bringing back year one weapons with the update, and Bungie has already confirmed that the Queenbreaker’s Bow, Lord of Wolves, Patience and Time, Purifier Robes, Universal Remote, Lucky Raspberry and Eternal Warrior will be coming back to the game after the update.

However, it’s not just exotics, a number of legendaries are coming back too, including, Shadow Price, Badger CCL, Lord High Fixer, Grim Citizen III, Saterienne Rapier, Devil You Know, The Swarm, Zombie Apocalypse, Two to the Morgue, LDR 1000, Longbow Synthesis, and The Comedian.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 23.40.00

There will also be new weapons from the Prison of Elders, including new Taken themed variants to acquire.

And for those who are looking for a new emote, there will also be Club Dance, an Instructional Dance, a Do It expression, and a Kick Dance added, alongside Amazed, Praise the Light, Praise the Gun, Sumo, Bye-Bye, I Don’t Know, and Rude Taunt.

These will all be purchasable from Eververse Trading Co.

And those who get all four pieces of the Desolute Taken armor set will get the Taken Shiver emote, which makes you character shiver like Taken enemies.

And that’s about all we know about the gear, Bungie will have a final stream next week to detail changes to the Crucible, as well as the weapon and subclass changes that are coming with the update.

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