If you still have a Nokia device lying around, maybe in a random drawer or in the loft then you should go ahead and fish it out.

That’s because, if you are crafty enough you transform that old Nokia phone into a smartwatch, this is as according to to a YouTube video, which shows how a YouTuber repurposed his old Nokia 1100 into a smartwatch.

This YouTuber is Daniel Davis, who took apart his Nokia 1100 to find a hackable screen and a vibrating motor for notifications, allowing him to get all of this working with an Arduino and a few resistors. He also added a Bluetooth module and a bit of code to get his new smartwatch showing phone and text notifications.

Davis also used a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery and a charging board to get power, after which he added a 3D-printed case and a watch strap to finish it off.

Check it out below for a quick look.

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