We have been awaiting a new iPhone for some time now, many rumours and leaks have been released over the last few months, however, we haven’t seen anything official.

That said, we may see something very official soon, that’s because Apple is set to host their own event in just a few days time.

The Event

Earlier this week, Apple revealed that they would be hosting an event for the expected iPhone 7 announcement on September 7th.

This event will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7th at 10:00AM.

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In the invite for this event (you can see it in the image above), Apple didn’t reveal too much about what we could expect from the event, with it simply stating that they would see us soon, alongside a number of coloured Bokeh balls.

Apple will be livestreaming the event on their website as usual, however, it does have a few requirements, the main one being that you will need an Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Safari.

But we do have this article to help you find out what you can expect.

iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 7

Probably the most likely announcement during this event will be the iPhone 7, which we expect to be quite the upgrade from the previous iPhone 6S, with a brand new design, and maybe a few new features that we haven’t seen in an iPhone before.

We expect that one of the biggest changes will be the design of the iPhone, which we expect to be a lot cleaner than what we had previosuly seen on the iPhone.

For a long time now, it has also been suggested that there would be no headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which will be replaced by Lightning headphones according to the rumours. It has been said that Apple want to do this in order to gain more space inside of the iPhone for more tech.

Because of this change, it’s also likely that Apple will provide some new headphones for the iPhone, which could be a new set of Lightning Earpods (supposedly named AirPods), or even a set of Beats headphones.

Apple is also expected to add a second camera to the back of the iPhone 7, in a similar way to the Huawei P9, which uses a second black-and-white camera for added sharpness and detail.

Some reports have also claimed that Apple will be getting rid of the 16GB base storage in favour of 32GB base storage. It is also said that the new home button will use haptic feedback so that it is less clicky.

And of course, it will have a few more specs and other features that we don’t yet know about.


iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra

Alongside the announcement of a new iPhone, you can also expect that Apple will release the two new operating systems that they revealed at WWDC last year.

Called iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra, the two new operating systems have been in beta for some time now, but it is quite likely that Apple will finally release their full versions at the event, or at least announce a release date for that.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It has been around two years since Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch, so it’s quite likely that Apple may update their smartwatch during the special event.

That said, as we haven’t seen any big rumours about a next-generation Apple Watch, it’s unlikely that Apple will change the smartwatch or its design significantly, and so it will likely keep the old square design.

That said, it is quite possible that they could add a few features that the Apple Watch has previously missed out on, including the possible inclusion of GPS.

We could also see them building a faster processor and some other specifications on the smartwatch, as well as some other features like a bigger battery, barometer and maybe even waterproofing.

A Macbook concept with an OLED touchscreen

A Macbook concept with an OLED touchscreen

One more thing

In terms of everything else, there are a lot of possibilities for Apple to finish the show off with.

Particularly we have seen a lot of rumours surrounding the MacBook recently, particularly we have seen some rumours that the MacBook Pro would feature an OLED touchscreen above the keys, which would be cool, but we personally think that this might be unlikely, at least for this event.

But if the MacBook Pro does come up, then you can probably also see updates to the normal MacBook and the MacBook Air.

It’s also possible that we might see some updates to the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the iPad Pro and we expect that the Apple TV might receive a few updates at the event.

Nothing official has been announced yet, but we will be sure to keep you updated as we hear the official news on September 7th.

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