The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest events on our calendar for the year, it is an event where we normally receive so many tech product announcements that we end up posted more content in a few days than in a whole month.

We hope that this year will be no different, with the expectation that this year will be full of a range of new products from new drones to awesome gadgets to the latest smart device products and more.

In this article, we are going to round up everything that we expect to see from CES 2017, check it out below.


Asus will be hosting one of the first press conferences at CES 2017, called Zenovation, they will be hosting it on Wednesday, January 4th at 11:30AM PT/ 7:30PM GMT.

We expect that this event will focus on Asus’ Zen brand, given the name of the press conference, so you can expect to see new laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


Interestingly, BlackBerry will be attending the event, however, we expect that this will be during TCL’s press conference who now control the manufacturing, design, and distribution of the BlackBerry smartphones.

It is expected that the long-rumoured BlackBerry Mercury will be announced at CES 2017.

TCL will be hosting a press conference on Wednesday, January 4th at 11AM PT/ 7PM GMT.


As we just mentioned, TCL will be hosting a conference during CES 2017, with a possible announcement of the BlackBerry Mercury smartphone, we expect that they will be unveiling some new TVs, which are very popular in the US.


It has been rumoured for some time that HTC will be revealing a new version of the Vive VR headset, which is said to be completely wireless.

It’s also possible that HTC might expect their product line-up with some other connected devices.

Fossil Group

Fossil Group has already confirmed that their various brand, Diesel, Fossil, Misfit, Michael Kors, Skagen and Emporio Armani will be attending CES 2017.

They also revealed that all of these will be unveiling new wearable during the event, alongside a new brand that they say is not currently in the wearables market.


LG has already revealed some of the products that they will be unveiling at CES 2017.

Previously this week, they revealed a new levitating speaker, a new 4K display, and their new ProBeam Projector. So we already know that those products will be at the show, however, we also expect to see a lot more from LG during the show.


HiSense has yet to reveal exactly what they will be doing at this year’s CES, however, we expect that the company will be attending the event nonetheless, probably with some new TVs under the arms.


Huawei’s Honor brand has confirmed details for what they will be doing during CES 2017, revealing that they will be hosting an exclusive global launch in Las Vegas.

We expect that this announcement will be a new smartphone.


For some time now, Nvidia has been rumoured to be planning to launch a new version of their Shield Android set-top box, which was leaked just a couple of weeks ago.

According to the rumours, it will be similar to the previous Shield box but with a range of new features to make it more modern and according to these rumours, the controller will switch from Bluetooth LE to Wi-Fi Direct.

We expect to see details about that during their CES 2017 keynote, which will be hosted on Wednesday, January 4th at 6:30PM PT, or on Thursday, January 5th at 2:30AM in the UK.


Qualcomm will be unveiling what they will be providing manufacturers with the power their devices during 2017.

To do this, Qualcomm will be hosting a keynote during CES 2017 on Friday, January 6th at 10AM PT/ 6PM GMT.

They will also be hosting a reveal for special products and technologies on Tuesday, January 3rd, which we expect will unveil the tech that other exhibitors will be using in the products that they will be announcing.


Much like LG, Samsung has also revealed a few new products ahead of their CES press conference.

They have already confirmed the release of a new set of speakers including the new H7 wireless speaker, and the MS750 soundbar. They also revealed the M9500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player along with that equipment.

Then Samsung continued the announce products early, revealed the new Powerbot VR7000 robot vacuum cleaner and their upcoming quantum dot monitor.

Samsung will be hosting press conference at CES 2017 on Wednesday, January 4th at 2PM PT/ 10PM GMT.


Panasonic will also be unveiling some new products during their CES 2017 press conference, which will be kicking off on Wednesday, January 4th at 10AM PT/ 6PM GMT.

We expect to see some new television and other television equipment during that press conference.


Sony’s press conference will kick off on Wednesday, January 4th at 5PM PT/ 1AM GMT.

During the conference, we expect to see a range of different announcements from the conference, with the expectation that they will be unveiling some new TVs, a new Xperia smartphone, other television equipment, and much more.

B&O Play

Recently B&O Play released a teaser video for their planned announcements for CES 2017.

The video doesn’t show much, however, we expect that the company will be unveiling some multi-room speakers due to the connected spaces aspect of the video.


Finally, Intel will also be hosting a press conference at CES 2017, set to kick off on Wednesday, January 4th at 4PM PT/ 12PM GMT, which we expect will be the event that they will be unveiling some new technology to power devices around the world.

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