Hot on the heels of CES 2017, the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) will soon host the announcement of new mobile devices from Barcelona, Spain.

The event has been run by the GSMA for some time now and is often the place where we will see the biggest smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and other connected devices for the year, as well as the technology that runs them such as new bands like 5G, new chipsets, and other mobile innovations.

This year, MWC 2017 will be held on February 27th and it will run until March 3rd.

However, a lot of the announcements will be made during the number of press events that will be hosted just before the show starts.

We have detailed all of these confirmed press events for you below.


For some time now we have been hearing rumours about a new smartphone from BlackBerry codenamed Mercury, in the tweet above, BlackBerry pretty much confirmed that they will be revealing this device on February 25th.

However, the details of this will probably be announced by TCL, who now own the license to the brand’s smartphones.

Rumours have suggested that the BlackBerry Mercury or DTEK70 will bring back the classic BlackBerry keyboard but in a candy bar format, however, unlike previous BlackBerry devices it will run on Android according to rumours.


Google doesn’t typically announce any new products at MWC, saving those announcements for the Google I/O conference (which is coming soon), however, there are rumours that suggest that Android Wear 2.0 will launch on February 9th, and that might mean that we might see more about this Android Wear system for the first time at the show, alongside the new smartwatches.

Since Google now create their own mobile devices, it is also entirely possible that they might make some phone announcements during the show, however, we don’t expect it.


We expect to see a lot from Huawei at MWC 2017, they have already confirmed that they will be hosting a press event via a set of press invites for an event on February 26th which we expect to be the place of unveiling for their next flagship: rumoured to be the Huawei Pro.

We could also see more about their other connected devices during the show, including their VR headset and possibly the Huawei Watch 2, which is said to be one of the first smartphones to run Android Wear 2.0.


We also expect to see some stuff from HTC at MWC 2017. They have already announced the U Ultra and the U Play, however, we expect a lot more out them still.

A reported photo of the Ocean from @evleaks.

According to rumours, they will be announcing a new flagship device to join the ‘U’ models called the HTC Ocean.

We haven’t heard much about this device, however, according to rumours, it will feature a very different method of interaction, with no buttons on the device at all.


LG will also have a presence at the show, and since they unveiled their last flagship at MWC 2016: the LG G5, we expect to see the LG G6 smartphone unveiled during the show.

We have seen a number of rumours and leaks for the LG G6, andd LG has pretty much confirmed it by stating that it’s LG G6 day on February 26th, so we can definitely expect at least the LG G6 to come from MWC 2017.

We also expect to see a new line of smartwatches from the company, with Android Wear 2.0 options.

Motorola/ Lenovo

Motorola and Lenovo will be making a few announcements during MWC, as they previously confirmed in a press invite, the company will be attending and hosting a press event on February 26th.

We haven’t heard many rumours about a new device from Moto yet, however, the invite does point to the announcement of one, possibly a new G series handset.


For some time now, Nokia has been teasing their upcoming comeback at MWC 2017. They have previously teased an event at the show with the following invite, and we expect to see a new Android smartphone from the company during the show.

Earlier this month, Nokia unveiled the Nokia 6 as a China exclusive (pictured above), however, it is expected that they will either unveil a global variant of this device or announce another Android smartphone at the show for the global market.

Reports claim that HMD Global, the owners of Nokia’s smartphone brand will also announce the Nokia P1, which is said to be a new flagship device. We have also heard reports about a smartphone named the Nokia 8.


This month, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was reportedly leaked in a photo online and it is expected that we may finally see it in person at this year’s MWC.

However, despite their previous launch events, some have suggested that it may be announced at a later date in April or March.

That all said, we know that the company will be attending, so we will see something from that at the show, including the possibility of new smart watches and connected devices from SmartThings.

[Update February 1st] This week Samsung released a press invite that seems to tease an upcoming tablet announcement, you can read more about that here.

Also here’s the press invite:


It is possible that Sony will unveil an update to the Xperia X at this year’s MWC.

And since the company likes to announce a lot devices during this event normally, it is possible that some mid-range smartphones may be announced at the show, as well as other connected devices.

Sony has scheduled a press conference for Monday, February 27th.


Qualcomm normally attends MWC to show off the technology that they will be using with other manufacturers, particularly the chipsets that the latest mobile devices will be using. This year that chip is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

We also expect to see VR-related demos from the company since they have been working towards this recently with the release of a new development kit.


We also expect to see some stuff from Withings at MWC 2017, they were bought by Nokia back in 2016 and we expect to see some stuff from the two during the event, particularly with wearables and other connected devices. They have already stated that they are going to be making an “exciting keynote announcement” on stage with Nokia at MWC on Twitter, so we should hear more then.

Here’s the tweet:


ZTE is looking to expand their reach outside of China and they could be planning to do that with some new stuff at MWC, which they should unveil during their press event on February 26th.

As of right now, this is all that we know about MWC 2017. We will keep you updated running up to the event with more to expect, and of course, we will have all of the news from the show right here on TechNutty during the event.

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