Mobile World Congress (MWC) has always been the event to learn about new smartphones, with a number of companies using the event to announce their plans for the upcoming year, it never ceases to excite.

And this year should be no different.

Mobile World Congress 2017 will be held on February 27th and will remain open until March 3rd, however, just before then will be the press day on February 26th.

To get you in the modd for things before then, we have written up this article to let you know about what you can expect from the show.

Check it out below.


Huawei will be making one of their biggest announcements during MWC 2016, however, Huawei does already have an event set for November 3rd, where it is expected that they will be announcing the long-rumoured Huawei Mate 9, if they don’t announce the Mate 9 during that event then MWC will probably be the place.

However, they could use the event as an excuse to show off some other new mobile technologies.


We haven’t heard much about HTC in the rumour mill up to now, however, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have plans for the event.

We have been seeing some stuff about a device that is reportedly named the HTC Ocean, and it is possible that we may see some other new phones, such as a new version of the HTC 10.


Back at MWC 2016, LG unveiled the G5 modular smartphone, along with some new accessories for it.

This year we are expecting that LG will announce their updated version of this, possibly with the announcement of the LG G6.


Nokia is one company that we haven’t heard for some time now, but now that they have been fully separated from Microsoft, and that they are free to use their name for mobile once again, it is possible that they may have something to show off at MWC 2017.

Rumours have suggested that there are two devices in the works, one of which has a 5.2-inch screen and the other has a 5.5-inch screen according to these rumours.


Samsung hasn’t had a great few months, so they could be planning to use Mobile World Congress 2017 to get back into the public’s good eye.

We have heard rumours that they will be announcing the next generation Galaxy device this week, supposedly called the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is possible that it might a device that comes with some amazing specs to woe over the smartphone community.


Sony hasn’t changed their devices much over the last few months, however, it is entirely possible that Sony may also want to woe users during the show, with a range of new announcements that brings an update to their Xperia Z family, with some new Xperia X announcements.

Everything else

Of course, that won’t be all that you should expect, you should also expect to see some other lesser known companies to make some announcements, along with everything else that is mobile and otherwise interesting.

As always, we will have the latest and greatest news for you here on TechNutty.

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