Wired printed a pretty awesome tutorial in this month’s issue, providing details on how you can build your own Raspberry Pi smartphone.

The idea is to create something that you can customise to your requirements and have fund building.

It was created by the Irish programmer David Hunt and uses a GSM module with an antenna, audio outlets, a touchscreen and a Raspberry Pi module to power it all.

To create it you will need the following:

– Raspberry Pi
– PiTFT Touchscreen 2.8”
– 2,500mAh lithum-ion polymer battery
– GSM/GPRS module with antenna and audio outlets (such as Adafruit’s FONA or SIMCom’s Sim900)
– 5V DC-DC Converter
– Small electrical switch
– A square of foam board, the same size as the Pi
– Headphones and microphone
– Cables
– Zip ties
– Duct tape
– Velcro squares
– SIM card
The script from GitHub

If you can get your hands on all of those then you should read the tutorial at the source link below.

Source: Wired

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