Sometimes getting all of the news from an Apple Event can be hard, there’s a lot of news to sift through and it’s all over the web.

We try to let you know about the most important stuff on our homepage, but even that can be hard to find sometimes, and so we have created this article to let you know about all of the announcements from Apple’s iPhone X event today.

Here they are:

The Numbers

  • 50% year-over-year growth for the Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world, according to Apple
  • 97% customer satisfaction rate for the Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch is now the most used heart rate monitor in the world, according to Apple

Apple Park

The start off, Apple revealed some more information about their new campus, Apple Park.

Time Cook revealed some details about the campus during his opening keynote, revealing how the buildings were designed to provide an open place for their teams via the 175-acre land that features over 9,000 trees, bringing the outside into the building itself.

It is also powered by 100 percent renewable energy via one of the world’s largest solar arrays.

All of this was designed with precision, attention to detail, and with fantastic materials according to Cook, all designed by the same people who designed Apple’s stores around the world.

They will also have a visitor centre in the Apple Park, where the public will be able to learn more about Apple and the campus itself via virtual reality tours.

Apple Retail

Apple also revealed some more details about their new store designs, which feature new plazas and experiences that they hope will make the stores more accessible and enjoyable.

They also launched something called ‘Today at Apple’, which is a new scheme that will teach people via new programs to help them use Apple’s products and develop for them.

These sessions will be lead by ‘Creative Pro’ team members, who will run the sessions and teach the attendees about the set topic. Apple says that they will be launching more of these new store designs to more locations across the world, and they will also be updating some of their already existing locations.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple also announced Apple Watch Series 3 during their event today, which is a brand new version of the Apple Watch smartwatch which comes with one pretty huge feature, the addition of cellular connectivity.

Read more about it here.

Apple TV 4K

They also unveiled a brand new version of the Apple TV (finally).

It’s called the Apple TV 4K, and as the name suggests, it will allow you to play content in full 4K HDR.

Read more

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus

Of course, it wouldn’t be an iPhone event from Apple without the announcement of a new iPhone. Thankfully, Apple didn’t disappoint, unveiling two new iPhones during the event, which are called the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Both of these feature similar designs to the iPhone 7 (aside from the glass back), but with an all new, faster processor, new cameras, and wireless charging, finally.

Read more about the new smartphones here.

iPhone X

Apple wasn’t finished there.

As rumoured, Apple also announced the iPhone X, which is the iPhone that we have been waiting for quite some time now.

Read more about it here.

There’s more to come soon, so be sure to bookmark this page.

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