The Internet of Things has been somewhat of a confusing topic for many since its conception, to get rid of those preconceptions and to detail some of their ideas for IoT Samsung’s CEO BK Yoon took to the Samsung stage at today’s Samsung Keynote during CES 2015.

BK explained during his keynote that in order to make the Internet of Things a thing all companies must work together and as such Samsung will be making their own service completely open, pledging to create a service that will work with a range of products from a range of products and a range of operating systems/

To give some examples BK went on to detail the kinds of things that will be included in the Internet of Things, providing ideas for products like smart chairs that can heat up in cold weather or turn on other pieces of equipment once someone sits on them.

Samsung also imagined situations where you could take your headphones off when you arrive home and have the music you were playing automatically switch to your home speaker situation, or have your phone’s alarm turn on your speakers when you wake up alongside your TV and play your favourite music, or show you all of the information you need for the day.

Samsung says that this could work outside the home with ideas for smart billboards to could change their graphic depending on the person’s language or lifestyle.

Samsung IoT 2

And that’s just a number of things, truly IoT could be infinite, but Samsung states that this will only work with the help of developers.

To kick things off Samsung’s BK announced that Samsung will not only be investing $100 million in IoT, but they will also be making all of their own products compatible with the Internet of Things by 2020, this means that in principle you will not only be able to use the system with your favourite Samsung TV, but also your iPhone 6 or Jawbone Up smartband (Obviously on the basis that all companies also pledge to work with Samsung).

Thankfully Samsung have already made some pretty huge partnersips with companies like Jawbone, Netgear and D-Link to make the IoT a thing, and with their earlier acquisition of SmartThings they are well on the way to building their own open ecosystem.

It will certainly be interesting to see how many other companies decide to join in with this vision and how far we will be able to get this technology to grow.

If you missed the keynote from BK Yoon make sure to watch the full recording via the embed below.

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