Last week Google revealed the first Android TV devices that would be getting Google Assistant with the latest update.

So far that includes only one device, the Nvidia Shield TV so you are only going to be able to use it on the big screen if you have that device. Despite that, we expect that there will be many more devices with Google Assistant coming very soon.

Before then you can actually get Google Assistant on pretty much any Android TV right now.

This was first discovered by Android Police who mentioned that the latest version of the Google app for Android TV already provides this Google Assistant functionality on any compatible device.

This only includes ARM-based Android TV devices right now, however, we expect that more devices will get further support soon.

For now, you can get this Google Assistant support on the Xiomi Mi Box, some TVs from Sony and LeEco and some others.

To get started you simply need to sideload a version of the Google app for your Android TV (which you can download fromAPKMirror) after that, you can finish off by rebooting your device.

You should note that this isn’t fully completed just yet.

We expect that a firmware update will be released for a range of these devices that will provide better support.

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