We first heard about Sea of Thieves back at E3 2016, it is a shared adventure game where you and some mates play as a team of pirates who explore the underwater world and the islands around it in an effort to find as much treasure as possible.

Players must work together in this goal, making sure to keep an eye on the game’s various attackers, including sharks, of course.

This new trailer provides a much closer look at the game than we received at last year’s conference, with a closer look at the game’s mechanics, enemies, weapons, and ships.

And of course, it provides that alongside some new 4K footage that the Xbox One X will deliver.

Check it out in the new trailer below.

Xbox also hinted that there will be another worldwide premiere trailer of Sea of Thieves once their briefing has concluded, so we will be sure to update you with that when it is released.

After that, Sea of Thieves will be released in “Early 2018”.

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