E3 2016 is set to be the biggest gaming event of the year with brand new trailers, releases, teases and pure gaming excitement.

All of that is only a few days away, with the show set to kick in just a few days, we are moments away from a ton of new gaming news.

And that’s probably hard to keep track of, so to help, we have this schedule for you.

Pre Streams


YouTube Live


EA | Sunday, June 12th 9PM BST

EA won’t have a stand at E3 2016 this year, but they will be setting up their own event on June 12th, where they will be hosting a press conference of their own. We expect them to reveal more about their various Sports IPs, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield One and more.

You can watch the event when it goes live below:

Bethesda | Monday, June 13th 3AM BST

Last year was the first year in some time that Bethesda hosted a conference at E3, and 2016 will be no different, we expect to see some Fallout 4 DLC during the show, with some news about Dishonoured, Doom and maybe even some new Skyrim stuff.

The event can be viewed when it goes live via the player below:

Microsoft | Monday, June 13th 5:30PM BST

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding what Microsoft will be announcing at this year’s E3, with rumours pointing towards the release of some new Xbox hardware. We also expect to see some news about the games that will be coming to the Xbox over the next few years such as Gears of War, Dead Rising, Scalebound and much more.

You can watch the event live as it happens below:

Ubisoft | Monday, June 13th 9PM BST

Ubisoft never fails to turn up at E3, and this year it is said that they will have a lot to show off, we expect some new Assassin’s Creed stuff, Tom Clancy’s stuff and details on the new Watch Dogs, South Park and a few new IPs.

You can view Ubisoft’s event live below:

Sony | Tuesday, June 14th 2AM BST

Microsoft won’t be the only one to announce new stuff during E3 2016 so will Sony, with a ton of new stuff expected from the show, we hope to see some new information on their VR equipment, maybe some new hardware announcements and details on a lot of new games.

Watch the Sony conference when it goes live below:

Nintendo | Tuesday, June 14th 5PM BST

As usual, Nintendo won’t have a stage at E3, but they will be hosting their Treehouse Live event, during which we expect to see new gameplay from a selection of the new games that are set to be released for Nintendo’s consoles over the next couple years.

Nintendo will also be live streaming their event:

We will have all of the latest here on TechNutty as it happens, so if you can’t actually attend the event, be sure to head back here.

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