The Game Awards 2016 show will kick off later today (December 1st) in Los Angeles, Calfornia.

As the name suggests, it will host a number of awards for the games that were released this year, with recognition of various developers and their games during the show.

On top of that, the Game Awards 2016 will host some exclusive previews and trailers for upcoming games, with announcements that have already been teased for a range of upcoming games, including Mass Effect: Andromeda.

But before you get all of that, you can check out the list of nominees here.

The show will be live streamed on a range of services including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and more. And interestingly, they will be live streaming the show in 4K on YouTube, as was announced earlier today.

You can watch the show live via the YouTube embed above this article, or if you prefer, you can view the list of available streams on the Game Awards 2016 website.

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