Apple will be hosting their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) from June 13th to June 17th this year, set to take place in San Francisco, California it will be the place to find out Apple’s latest plans and projects.

But the date simply isn’t enough, we all want to know what they might announce during the event.

Typically, Apple doesn’t announce new devices at WWDC, so don’t expect to see anything about that, but with software still on the agenda, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Here’s everything that we expect to see from the show:

Siri is about to get an upgrade

One thing that has been rumoured a lot over the last few months is that Apple is about to finally provide a huge upgrade for Siri, said to be released alongside iOS 10, it is said that it will be improved with natural language recognition technology, allowing you to talk to Siri as if he/she was a person.

Reports have claimed that Siri will be able to understand contextual clues after the update, allowing it to figure out what you want to know based on your current conversation, for instance, you could say “who directed Wold of Wall Street” and then follow up with something like “how much did that make”.

It is also said that Apple will also expand Siri to devices outside of the iPhone, such as a smart home hub like Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home.

iOS 10 and a bunch of new apps

As we already mentioned, Apple is expected to announce iOS 10 during WWDC 16, which we don’t think will include too many style changes (if any), that said it has been reported that Apple will improve a number of apps for the stock iOS install.

Rumours have suggested that they will update their HomeKit API on iOS, with more control over HomeKit compatible devices such as thermostats, door locks, light bulbs and a lot more. It is also said that they will offer the option to hide pre-installed apps, however, there’s no confirmation of this yet of course.

It is also said that Apple will update the Apple Maps application with iOS 10, alongside a new Home application for the HomeKit API.

On top of all this, rumours also suggest that there will be some changes to Apple Music, with the social tab moving to the For You page.

Don’t forget about the Mac

It would be strange if Apple was to reveal a new version of iOS without a new version of Mac OS also.

Recently it was rumoured that the MacBook will be getting a huge update in particular, with rumours suggested that there might be a new edition of the MacBook line rolled out during the show, even if that is rather strange for a WWDC event.

These rumours suggest that the new MacBook will have an OLED touch panel at the top of the keyboard, which is said to provide the ability to use a touch-screen for the function keys.

It is also said that the new MacBook will also have support for Touch ID fingerprint security.

That’s not all, Apple may also announce a new version of Mac OS X during the show, well a new version of Mac OS anyway, as rumours have suggested that Apple will be dropping the X to make it fit with Apple’s other software editions.

According to reports, the new Mac OS will include features to allow it to take advantage of Siri, with support for voice activation controls.

Any last things?

As of yet, we don’t know anything official about anything that might be announced during the WWDC 16 event, but we don’t have long to find out, given that the event will kick off on June 13th.

That said, this isn’t all we expect from the show.

We also hope to see some updates to watchOS and the Apple Watch, iTunes and possibly some new features for various Apple applications like Safari (hopefully Service Worker support), Pages and more.

Aside from that, we expect that Apple will reveal other projects like the iPhone 7 at a later event in September.

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