A new camera system for cyclists called Hexagon was announced this, designed to solve the visibility issues that exist while cycling, making the bike more visible to those around you, as well as you allowing you to see those in front of you at the same time, which it will do with an all-in-one  package that combines a tail light, a rear-view camera, brake lights, a turn indicator and more.

When breaks are applied, an accelerometer and gyroscope will be used to automatically light up the LEDs on the front and back unit. There are also a set of red LEDs that work as turn indicators, which can be controlled via a wireless handlebar remote.

But the main feature is probably the rear-view 1080p/30fps camera, which uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly stream real-time video to a front-mounted smartphone for extra visibility, while bringing you dashcam-extra features, allowing you to save recordings to an SD card.

This can all be accessed via the app, which will also show cycling metrics such as speed, calories burned, and distance travelled.

Should the system detect a crash, the system will also be able to send a text message to any family or friends that have been programmed from within the app, containing GPS coordinates of the rider’s location. You can also choose to send these alerts manually.

At full charge, Hexagon will last for around three hours from the two included batteries, which you can also optionally double-up with an extra couple of batteries.

Hexagon will launch this Tuesday, when it will be available for from $129 or $179, depending on the model you choose.

You can sign up for a launch notification from the source link below, which will also grant you a 50% saving.

Source: Coming-soon

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