Sometimes tripods can’t quite deliver what you need, with many conventional mounts just not giving you the adjustability that you need.

This week a project was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site that aims to change all of that. Called Hitch Hicker, it claims to be a lightweight, balanced-motion tripod head that can be used for those who want to take photography on the go, with the capability of offering you extensibility for a range of tasks from nature-watching, all the way up to binocular astronomy according to the creators.

They aim this to be the best solution for taking photos or videos with high-resolution cameras, which need steady support to get the best out of them.

On top of that, Hitch Hiker also provides more control to your tripod, with the ability to glide along arching paths, or to rotate left/right or up.down, all of which can be done in a manner that they say will be simple but effective to use.

he patent-pending Hitch Hiker is a lightweight, balanced-motion tripod head designed for people on the move — perfect for photography; birding; Nature-watching; video; and small telescope and binocular astronomy. The nimble Hitch Hiker is light enough to replace standard tripod heads but enables precisely controlled, all-around rotations that normal tripod heads don’t do well.

Go ahead and hit up the source link below to find out more about Hitch Hiker, where you can also back the project if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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