As they teased just a few days ago, Hive has today revealed that they are adding new technology to their smarthome range, moving from just heating controls to both heating and lighting connected devices, which are ready to make your home smart, and allow you to control it via a single app.

The new Active Light connected bulbs will be similar to a conventional bulb with a bayonet fitting, allowing you to control an existing device, especially UK based devices, as we have more bayonet fittings than other markets, which generally use a screw fitting.

And all of this will work with your existing Hive Hub, allowing you to connect the bulbs to your existing Hive system, without needing a second hub.

Hive will also be updating their app to allow you to control all of your Hive products from one place, including the new Active Light, plus, sensors and Active Heating system from your phone.

In particular, you will be able to control the dim setting of an Active Light, as well as schedule times that it should turn off or on.

The Hive Active Lights are now available for purchase from £19 a bulb at You should not that there is only one bulb style that has an omission of a GU10, and they can only shine white. However, this is ainitialal lighting product from Hive, we expect that they will develop this over time.


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