Home automation is huge, with a number of options that allow users to effectively and effortlessly control devices within their home.

And now there’s one more solution, called Hive it is a new home automation and security system that was launched on Kickstarter this week by a company based in Salt Lake City Utah.

The system can be used to connect your smartphone or tablet to your home electronics and control them remotely via a companion application, allowing users to control their lights, locks, electronics and much more from anywhere with an internet connection.

The service also connects to a range of other established home automation services such as ZWave and ZigBee, and offers both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

“Hive works wherever you live – in a small downtown apartment or a large country manor. It’s designed to completely simplify your connection to your home and protect everyone, and everything, inside it.

Hive Sound is the world’s first smart speaker system for your home. It gives your home a voice. It notifies you of the things you care about and connects you with live help if there is ever a need. But most of the time you will be using it to jam to your favorites tunes.

Control is simple. With the Hive App you are able to control each Hive Sound throughout your whole home. Control each one individually or pair them together and have rich whole home audio experience.”

The campaign is looking to raise $100,000, of which it has already hit over $25,000.

You can find out more about the campaign at the source link below, and pledge $99 or more to grab a Hive device.

Source: Kickstarter

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