Its been quite a bad year for HMV and its about to get worse as word has spread across the internet about there wrongly placed advertisement for the upcoming 3DS XL.

The advertisement in question as pictured above was placed in the retailers Cardiff branch and advertised incorrectly a second circle pad (which we all know is not a feature on any DS, but is certainly a wanted one), as well as a larger stylus, and the 82% bigger screens, which is not entirely wrong but the top screen is in-fact 90% larger and I’m pretty sure the bottom screen hasn’t changed all that much.

The image is one I actually recognize from some time ago, and is one many think has been created by a disgruntled gamer after the 3D XL was unveiled by Nintendo, or just one made before its release as a suggestion.

Which means if true, then HMV simply copied and pasted this image from somewhere and edited it in Photoshop, which is pretty shoddy work especially when really they should know what the 3DS XL looks like, firstly their selling it, secondly they are in fact a games store and thirdly that’s the whole reason people set up sites like ours, sometimes I wonder why we bother….

The good thing however that HMV are already aware of this graphic, and have said via Twitter that it was not approved by them, which means the store in question is the one to blame not HMV as a whole:

Someones probably on the verge of getting fired today.

The real 3DS XL will launch in Europe on July 28th and North America on August 19th.

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