If you live in the UK you will know that the only movie streaming service that is really any good is Amazon’s Lovefilm, which is used by a lot of Brits around the country, but the British entertainment store, HMV has decided to take Lovefilm head on announcing a brand new movie streaming service called HMVOn-Demand.

Unlike other movie streaming services HMVOn-Demand has one main advantage, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription and instead allows its consumers to rent movies they want to watch when they want to watch it, truly making the service on demand, for the privilege you will only pay as little as £3.75 per film.

That could obviously prove quite costly for anyone who watches a lot of films, but would prove to be a little money saver for anyone who only wants to watch on occasion, as well as its non-subscriptions the service will also allow =you to download the film to watch later offline, which is obviously a huge advantage over Lovefilm. Mark Hodkinson, the Director of Marketing and eCommerce for the HMV Group dais:

“With a growing number of consumers now incorporating video-on-demand into their viewing and purchasing habits, the time is right to include a digital service into our own offer.”

What do you think about the service? Is it good enough for you to switch from Lovefilm?

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