To start off the list were going to go over one of the more popular digital cameras available to buy right now, the compact digital camera range which has recently been flooded with a ton of new technology including things we would have never imagined to be in a camera such as WiFi or GPS.

One of the latest and in-fact cheapest of these cameras to include this technology is Samsung’s WB150F Smart WiFi Compact Digital camera that includes a Schneider- KBEUZNACH lens providing an 18x digital zoom allowing the user to take photos from a distance but still with the great quality you would expect close up.

With the addition of WiFi technology you can easily share the photos you do take to Samsung’s Cloud Service, for easy and quick uploads, with the Samsung Mobile Link you can also do the same to your smartphone or tablet with ease, or even wirelessly share then to your Smart TV.

But WiFi isn’t the only technology available on the WB150F, with a ton of modes you would normally expect on a compact camera like this, one of this is the Smart Auto 1.0 feature which allows the camera to automatically select from 16 picture modes and 4 movie modes for the best picture or film possible.

There’s also the Smart Filter 2.0 feature which adds effects to the camera such as Cartoon, Cross Filter and Water Paint.

However if you don’t want to use automatic features, there’s also a Full Manual Control allowing you to change settings depending on your scenario.

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