It’s almost Christmas and it’s time to get some prezzies on the list ready to buy for your friends and family, and there aren’t any better gifts than gadget gifts which can come in virtually any size, shape or form.

For our gadget holiday gift guide we decided to feature all of the best gadget products that we have featured over the course of this past year, a lot of were actually funded from Kickstarter.



Twelve South BackPack 2 For iMac

TwelveSouth’s original BackPack was pretty spectacular with what it did, allowing you to store any of the items you don’t need cluttering up your desk behind your iMac of Apple Display.

BackPack 2 allows you to store even more, with two more support pegs you can now also store items vertically behind your display, including a MacBook Air or even a Mac Mini.

You can find out more about the BackPack 2 here.


The Galileo Remote iOS Camera Control allows you to control any iPhone around the world and rotate it 360 degrees over the internet, simply swiping to move the camera into the required position.



Who wants a ton of remotes? The Logitech Harmony Touch Remote allows you to control all of your devices with just the one remote, with the added touchscreen it’s even easier than before.[/one_half_last]

Sifteo Cubes 2nd Generation

 One of the most exciting releases of the last year was defiantly the release of the 2nd generation Sifteo cubes which was upgraded to allow those 1.7 inch touchscreen blocks to communicate to each other wirelesssly, allowing games to be played in a completely different and new way, responding to gesture commands.

Games can be downloaded from the PC, the process to which is now completely wireless with the new Sifteo Base Station that can store players games, play game audio and allow for the aforementioned wireless transfers.

The cubes also feature a 3-axis accelerometer, proximity sensors and 2.4GHz wireless communications technology.

You can find out more at the following link.


The Oculus Rift Virtual Gaming Glasses is a pretty awesome piece of kit that made its way to Kickstarter earlier this year, and basically allows you to play games in a full 360 degree detail.



The Spy Hawk Remote Control Plane is probably the best remote control plane available on the planet, with live video recording from the front camera, an autopilot mode and even stabilisation.


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