We have been placing various lists here on TechNutty for you guys to check out, now it’s time for us to tell you what we want with our very own Christmas lists, so I hope your taking notes as I expect all of these at my door on Christmas Day (which is obviously a joke :).

Jawbone Up

The first thing on my Christmas list is the Jawbone Up which recently got a makeover and is due for release in early 2013, the new Jawbone Up features all new micro motion sensors that the wristband can use to measure sleep patterns and even work out stats whilst you asleep, such as how long it took you to fall asleep, how much deep sleep you had compared to light and how often you woke up, as well as still being able to track your fitness etc.

You can find out more here.

Blue Microphones Mikey Digital iOS Plug-in Mic

Next up is a gadget I have been looking at for some time, the Mikey Digital from Blue Microphones that brings their great recording technologies you can currently find on the PC, to the iOS platform in the form of a plug-in adapter. The adapter itself is really small and can be rotated 230 degrees, there’s even a 3.5mm audio-out jack for monitoring.

You can find out more about the Mikey Digital here.


Elgato EyeTV For iOS

When your on the road there’s nothing better than siting back and watching a film, but sometimes there’s no internet connection or you just don’t have the right equipment to play something like a DVD. Elgato’s EyeTV for iOS fixes that, allowing you to watch live tv on your iPad (3), iPad 2 and iPhone whilst on the go, there’s also an Android version but what can I say I’m an Apple fanboy.

You can find out more about the EyeTV here.


Samsung Navibot S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The worst thing about owning your own home is most defiantly cleaning it, so the obviously solution is to buy a robotic vacuum that will do it all for you automagically, for which Samsung’s is my favorite out of the entire selection, some people might think of the iRobot when they think of robotic vacuum cleaners but personally I prefer the design and features that are included in the Navibot S.

You can find out mre about the Navibot S here.

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