Apple released the firmware for their upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod last week, with which they not only revealed more about the HomePod itself but also more about the long-rumoured iPhone 8, which has been reported as the upcoming iPhone flagship for some time now.

One interesting this was revealed by Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter. He found references to an infra-red facial recognition kit within the BiometricKit, which is the framework that currently controls Touch ID.

Reports have suggested that this has been codenamed Pearl ID and is said to be capable of unlocking your phone with your face, even in the dark or at strange angles.

It is thought that this might be a replacement for Touch ID, however, an embedded Touch ID sensor on the screen or the power button is still possible.

And that’s not all.

Another Twitter user named Guilherme Rambo, found an icon within the firmware that goes even further and pretty much confirmed the front design of the iPhone 8.

It is under the codename D22 and can be found in the Apple Pay framework.

This is probably the biggest leak that we will see ahead of the smartphone release, which we expect to happen at some point in September.

We will be sure to update you as we hear more, especially the official stuff.

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