You have probably heard about Honeywell before because of their smart thermostats, which are fantastic alternative options that many people prefer over other systems like Nest or British Gas’ Hive.

Today they announced another product to be added to their smart home lineup, the Lyric C1.

It will join Honeywell’s line of Lyric products, which are the most consumer-friendly products that Honeywell has on offer and so the C1 has been designed to be equally easy to setup and use. It has a focus on home use either on a flat surface or on a mount on a wall.

It is capable of recording 30fps 720p video with its wide-angle sensor and can also do so when things get dark thanks to its night vision mode.

Of course, since it is a smart security camera, it can also detect motion and send you a notification to the Lyric companion app on your smartphone when it hears an unusual sound or if it detects motion, and you can listen to audio recorded and speak through the camera.

The interesting thing is that you can tell the camera to ignore onjects within your room, which is a nice feature if you have objects that move around a lot, such as a TV or a ceiling fan.

All of this is powered straight from the mains and can be recorded either on the supplied 8GB SD card or on the cloud via the Lyric app.

You can pick up the Honeywell Lyric C1 from Amazon today for £99.

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