In case you have been waiting to grab a Netflix subscription, or you just don’t want one, or you want to watch it again offline, you might be happy to know that House of Cards Season Two will be available to by on Blu-Ray in June. The extremely popular original series from Netflix will be available from June 19th, for a currently undisclosed price, however it’s likely to be at around £30/ $50. READ THIS NEXT: House of Cards: Season Two review

For that you will get a few extras added in, including:

· “Two Houses” – Exploring differences between the original show & the history of how this project came together. · “Table Read” – A behind-the-scenes look at table reads cut together with the actual scenes from the show. · “Direct Address” – Exploring the way Francis talks directly to viewers in both the original & new series · “Politics for Politics Sake” – Politics is only the back drop in this show, but the themes are universal. This featurette explores what the show is all about — relationships and power, not just politics. · “Line of Succession” – A look at the creative process that goes into making an episode.

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