Alongside some new laptops, monitors and computers, HP has announced a ton of new peripherals, one of which is quite interesting, named the NFC Touch to Pair mouse, which as you can guess allows you to pair with another device by simply tapping it.

I’m not sure how this would work however,, as there’s not to many NFC laptops or PCs out there, but it is a clever way of pairing a mouse, and has four-way tilt scrolling, that can be used on various surfaces including glass, the X6000 (pictured) will launch this month.

Alongside it there will launch the Wireless Mouse X4500 and X55000 available this month with a sleek and modern design and a precise laser sensor for $29 and $39 respectively, however I’m not sure on a UK price.

HP has also announced the Wireless Classic Desktop and the HP Wireless V2 keyboards, which provides four shortcut keys that have been designed to work especially with Windows 8 for $29 and $49 respectively.

There’s also a new HP Bluetooth Portable Speaker which has been designed to stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled device, with great audio performance with a compact and sleek design, available in October for $79.

The HP 90W Universal Power Adapter that is compatible with more or less any notebook that features a built-in USB port and allows users to charge a notebook and mobile device at the same time, available in October for $79.

The final accessory announced earlier today is the HP Webcam HD 4310 that allows users to communicate with family and friends in 1080p Full HD, with three-way calling, auto focus and auto-exposure, available in November for $89.

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