To help educate people about how they can better educate people about cyber security, HP Studios released their own original content series about cyber security this week, building awareness of the security risks that business and consumers face on the internet.

The web series has been entitled The Wolf and will star Christian Slater, who will demonstrate how easy it is to hack into corporate systems via hardware such as smartphones and printers, building awareness into those areas over a four part series that was been directed by Lance Acord, who also worked on various films including Lost in Translation, Where the Wild Things Are, Being John Malkovich, and many more.

Just from the trailer, you can tell how HP is hoping to do this with cinematics and via the performance from Slater, who they choose because of his “ability to play a charmingly sinister hacker, combined with his popularity in the cybersecurity world.”

Christian Slater also said the following about the role in a recent statement:

“Hacking is a serious and growing problem for businesses and consumers. When HP asked me to partner on this series, I thought it was a great opportunity to help educate the public about how to better protect against cyber attacks.”

All four parts are now available to watch on the HP Studios YouTube channel, and we would definitely advise that you check it out, even if it doesn’t teach you anything new, it’s definitely worth spending a few minutes on, just for Slater’s performance.

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