Recently HP decided to decease in produced any hardware for it’s webOS software, with promises to keep the OS up to date, whilst not actually producing any hardware, well it seems that HP have kept to their word and released a jam packed update for the platform.

HP’s Jon Zilber stated in a blog post that the update will include “better performance, user interface improvements, and other enhancements such as support for accelerometer events in Adobe Flash Player, and more robust Skype video calling.”

The 3.0.4 update will be available from today for all of you TouchPad owners to download over the air, allowing you to access some great features as soon as you do these include:

  • A new Camera app for photos and video
  • Added the ability to view TouchPad-only/phone-only applications in App Catalog.
  • The ability to pair non-webOS phones to your TouchPad, so you can answer calls on your TouchPad. Pairing with non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has also been streamlined.
  • Support for OGG Vorbis music files, and the ability to add songs to a playlist from Album view.
  • Online/offline messaging status support.

This is obviously good news for any current webOS owner as it gives a clear indication the HP actually care about their users, offering updates to a service they no longer receive money for, which personally I think is great, hopefully they keep it up?

Do you have a TouchPad? Have you updated it yet?

Tell us what you think about the new update below, and do not forget to follow us on Twitter @technuttyblog.

[via TechRadar]

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