Probably one of the best looking tablets I have seen in a long time, has to be the recently announced HP Slate, which looks absolutely amazing in red, but up to now there’s been no news on when the tablet will make it’s way to the UK, leaving me waiting.

Thankfully HP have now announced pre-orders are open, with the tablet shipping to those who pre-order on May 1st, at the amazingly cheap price of £129, which seriously crazy especially when you work out that it’s actually £30 cheaper than a Nexus 7.

For that price you get a tablet running that latest version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean, an ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.6GHz processor, a 7 inch screen, Beats Audio technology, 1GB of RAM and an 8GB SSD.

If you want to pick one up you can do from the HP store today, one small problem, the site only seems to be showing the black version of the tablet and we can’t seem to find the red version, we have messaged HP to find out if the UK will be getting that version however, and will update this post if and when we receive a response.

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