Today HP has announced a new laptop that they say is extremely rugged, with HP’s new military standards to go by, they think it might be one of the best laptop options for the school environment.

This new laptop has been named the HP ProBook x360 Education Edition and it features what you would expect from the normal convertible x360 laptop, as well as some extra software and hardware features with a rugged build.

HP says that the keys are also resistant to being picked at and they are reportedly able to withstand spills of about 12 ounces of liquid.

Of course, because it is rugged, the ProBook x360 will be very heavy for an 11-inch display, however, HP is claiming that it is the “thinnest rugged convertible”.

Finally, it will feature an LED on the back lid of the laptop which will light up when Wi-Fi is enabled, to let teachers know when kids are browsing the web.

You can also get the laptop with an optional camera built in the keyboard’s palm rest to film while the laptop is in the tablet mode.

HP hasn’t announced pricing details about the laptop yet, however, it is meant to be sold directly to schools, we don’t know which regions those schools will be.

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