All-in-One PCs are something that are being released more often recently, and today there’s another new AIO PC in town, from HP  the latest AIO is called the Envy 23 Recline and the Envy 27 Recline.

Able to fold down completely, it can be adjusted to various angles and used as a sort of ezel tablet kind of product, similar to that of the Dell XPS One 27.

Sporting a 23 or 27 inch 1080p IPS display, both PCs have a 10-point capacitive touch display with the latest Intel Core processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 730A and up to 16GB of RAM.

However the two will have small differences between them, the 23 inch model packing a 2.9GHz Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 802.11n WiFi, whereas the 27 inch has 12GB of RAM, 802.11ac WiFi, NFC and a Solid State Cache drive.

Both models also include Beats Audio technology, five USB ports a HDMI input and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The Envy 23 Recline will be available for  $1,349 (£865) with another version priced at  $999 (£640) launching later.

The Envy 27 Recline will also be priced at $1,399 (£897), and both computers will be released on September 6th.

HP Envy Recline 1

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