At Gamescom 2016 this week, HP announced a couple of new gaming systems that you might be interested in.

First up is the new HP Omen X Desktop, which features a great looking design that has been shaped into a cube. It also features a three-chamber structure that will separate hot components, as well as providing you with the room needed to expand upon what the Omen X provides.

There’s room inside for dual graphics cards, a total of four tool-free hard drive bays, and an M.2 SSD.

That comes as standard, but if you want to build your own internals then HP will also sell you a barebones case.

The Omen X Desktop will be available from August 17th for $1,799, which includes an overclockable 4GHz Core i7, 8GB of RAM, Radeon RX 480 GPU, a 256GB SSD, a 2TB HDD and a 1,300W power supply.

There will also be other models with other extras like a GeForce GTX 1080 and up to 16GB of RAM. A retail config with more of those options will be available from October 16th from $2,100. You will also be able to pick up the case by itself for $600.

hp omen 17

Alongside the desktop gaming PC, HP also announced a new gaming laptop.

The laptop is an updated version of the HP Omen 17, and featuring either a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 GPU, and the addition of a mini DisplayPort Jack.

It will start at $1,600.

HP also announced an Omen X Curved Display to go with it, featuring NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. No price has been announced for that yet though.

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