After a long time of HP deciding what exactly to do with their WebOS platform they have finally decided to launch the operating system as an open-source project, the CEO Meg Whitman stated in a press release:

“webOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable,” “By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices.”

But HP won’t be leaving the OS completely in the dark and will continue to support the development of the platform, whilst maintaining their own blog developers and users with any help they may need with the platform as well as any suggestions, which you can check out here

Alongside the announcement, HP has also set out four separate goals to help achieve these plans, which are:

  • The goal of the project is to accelerate the open development of the webOS platform
  • HP will be an active participant and investor in the project
  • Good, transparent and inclusive governance to avoid fragmentation
  • Software will be provided as a pure open source project

In the near future, HP will also release the application framework alongside any components they haven’t released yet, this could make for a very exciting future for the WebOS platform, with the potential of ended up on a variant of devices, even taking a centre spot next to Android.

What do you think?

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